I Don’t Typically Do This

by Martin Gordon

Slate on the Dave Matthews Band

Annie Lowrey writes about how DMB makes money in what many believe to be a dying industry. The secret (at least to those who haven’t spent thousands on concert tickets over the last decade, like I have): the band makes most of it’s money from touring, rather than from selling records.

As Josh Klein puts it:

The gist is that unlike the traditional musician business model (get discovered, get a large amount of money up front, produce shippable versions of your product), they actually - ya know - work for a living. DMB incrementally grows their fan base by constantly reaching their customers directly, and selling them shows instead of records. And while the “record” business is dying, music isn’t going anywhere. Satisfy a core customer need, work your ass off, and you have a viable business. You don’t need to go raising tons of money to have a huge reach.

Hmm, what other thing does this sound like?

(via Hacker News)