I Don’t Typically Do This

by Martin Gordon

Multiple Google Notifiers


Gmail Notifr

I’ve been using it for a little bit and it’s definitely an improvement beyond Google’s official notifier—most notably in its support of multiple Gmail accounts.

Gmail Notifr is a RubyCocoa application that lives in your menu bar and has the following features:

  • Support multiple accounts! (new in version 0.3.0)
  • Support Google hosted account.
  • Check mail at a specified interval.
  • Growl & sound notifications.
  • Small & fast.
  • Sparkle automatic updates.
  • No background daemon processes installed as Google’s official notifier.
  • Open Source & free!

I’ve been using the official Google Notifier for my main Gmail account for a while now. I tried this out because of the multiple account support, but stopped using it because of the nasty icon and the need to drill into menus to see email titles.

Instead, I created multiple account “support” in the official notifier by making two copies of the Google Notifier.app, and changing the bundle identifier and the hue on the unread.png image file.