I Don’t Typically Do This

by Martin Gordon

Apple dumps 'Baby Shaker' app after complaints



I’m lost for words at which is worse: the exceedingly poor taste of this application, or the fact that someone at Apple even thought it appropriate and approved it.

Here is the thing about Baby Shaker: I don’t care that the developer made it or submitted it to the AppStore. It’s for folks that have a dark sense of humor, and who am I to judge what you buy?

I wouldn’t even mind that Apple accepted it if it weren’t for how many good, legitimate applications have had rejections or refusals for a variety of different reasons.

If anything Baby Shaker sheds a light on what utter shit the AppStore acceptance and testing process truly is. It is a process that does not scale whatsoever given the popularity of development for the iPhone. The fact that it takes over a week for an new application, or a maintenance release to get to customer’s hands is completely unacceptable. If they cannot offer a 24 hour turnaround time after 8 months and 1 billion downloads, something has to change.

Loren Brichter released Tweetie-mac on Monday morning. Someone found an important issue that needed resolution in it. By Monday afternoon, everyone had the 1.0.1 in their hands. If this was on AppStore, I’d still be waiting for that fix because Apple has this giant body of water between us and our users.

The bigger question I have about the whole thing is: Was this app approved on it’s first pass or was it resubmitted until it was approved? I don’t know if we’ll ever know the answer and I don’t even want to think about which of the two is scarier.