I Don’t Typically Do This

by Martin Gordon

Another HP Launch Blunder

Not even a couple of hours pass since my post yesterday about HP’s launch problems that HP goes and fails at yet another launch. This time the victim is the white TouchPad. The new color is more than a cosmetic change, since the white version also features a faster processor than the black TouchPad and a doubling in storage to 64 GB. The new TouchPad was discovered by PreCentral last night:

[T]rue to HP form, they’ve up an unceremoniously revealed it in Europe. A small footnote of a button has been added to HP France’s TouchPad landing page, advertising the “The all new HP TouchPad white lacquer 64GB, available soon.”

C'mon, HP, not even a jab at Apple for taking ten months to launch the white iPhone when you can launch a white TouchPad with upgraded internals in two? Weak.